Bursting into Bloom


Welcome Spring!

Last week’s post was a bit heavy, so I’m lightening things up a bit by turning attention toward the arrival of the most cheerful season: spring! If you are more than ready to shed the dreary days of winter, here are three simple ways to welcome spring into your home without breaking the bank.

  1. Swap out your pillowcases

Rather than buying new throw pillows each season (which are expensive and difficult to store), measure your existing pillow forms and search online for pillowcases to suit. If you are crafty, try making your own! Pinterest has a million DIY pillowcase ideas. On trend this season? Floral patterns, millennial pink, pewter and textured neutrals, though I’m a big fan of any pattern or color that makes you happy. (Insider tip: to get that extra fluffy look, buy pillowcases 2” smaller than your pillow forms)

2. Open the windows

On that first gorgeous spring day, open the windows and air out your home. The fresh air cleanses the space, replacing the dry, recycled air you’ve been breathing in and out for months with crisp, cool goodness. While you’re at it, give your windows a good cleaning both inside and out so that sunshine you’ve been missing can shine through!

3. Add fresh flowers

Bringing nature indoors is always good for the soul. In Feng Shui they are also believed to bring positive energy and healing. Use small jars to bring color to an unexpected nook or a favorite vase to put on prominent display. Tulips are long-lasting and are a sure sign that spring is on its way!

(Also, if you have any holiday remnants from Valentine’s Day or Christmas, be sure to pack them up— they always seem rather forlorn when left out into the spring.)

Spring Cleaning

Once you start to freshen your home, you may find that you want to dig in to some serious sorting and purging, which is why I put together a new organizing package just in time for spring. Be sure to check out our newest addition: The Road Map: In-Home Consultation Package. If you are a DIY kinda girl or guy, this package was designed for you.

Spring Cleaning Challenge

If you have a favorite spring cleaning ritual, we’d love to share it! Tag us @seasidestyling via Instagram or Facebook to let others know how you are getting your home ready for spring. Also, be sure to check in next week for the Seaside Styling & Organizing Spring Cleaning Clutter Challenge (trying saying that ten times fast!).

Until next time,

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