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The Journey of 1,000 Miles Starts with a Single Step

While our styling services focus primarily on the visual impact of a space, organizing services are all about reclaiming those spaces that have become unmanageable.

Through hands-on, one-on-one organizing sessions, we can create the peaceful, happy home you crave.


Where to Start

You may have more than one area of your home that could use some focused attention. Begin by picking one space to tackle. I encourage you to select the area that is the biggest drain on your energy (though if you are more of a dip-your-toe-in type of person, you may want to start small and work your way up)— You will be amazed at how good you will feel once you start taking back your home.

Once you have a specific space in mind, Contact Us to discuss which package option listed below best meets your needs.


Organizing Packages

In addition to one-on-one organizing and decluttering time in your home, packages include:

  • Virtual preview of space

  • Before and After photos (trust me on this- you will be inspired by the results!)

  • Goal setting meeting at the start of each session

  • Storage solution suggestions (if needed)

  • Donation drop-off (optional)

  • Virtual or in-person follow-up visit


Package Details

ThE Road Map: In-home consultation

The Road Map package is perfect for those who have a vision of where they’re heading, but aren’t sure how to get there. It includes up to three hours in your home followed by a detailed report with recommendations and action steps covering the following topics:

  • Your ideal vision

  • Space planning recommendations

  • Storage solutions

  • How to break down the process into manageable steps

The Road Map also includes:

  • Room-specific decluttering guide

  • Roadblocks & Detours: patterns to recognize and strategies for letting go

  • Recycling & Donations Quick Reference List

  • Special discounts on organizing packages

  • Customized sorting & purging labels

  • Access to a support network & accountability partner to keep you moving toward your goals

    • Price $175

Company’s Coming

  • For a quick and effective round of decluttering and tidying

    • Two-Hour Session $100

Monica’s closet

  • Ideal for tackling a small room, large closet, or small office area

    • Half Day (4 hours) $185

Ripple Effect

  • Perfect for reclaiming larger spaces like bedrooms, a large office or bonus room

    • Full Day (8 hours) $360

Mom’s Attic

  • For those major project areas in your home that need to be broken up over several days (garages, attics, multiple rooms. etc.); Check out our Before & After photos for inspiration! Pricing is based on each client’s unique needs (see add-on options below)

    • Half Week (20 hours)

    • Full Week (40 hours)

      Add-On Options:

      • Extra muscles (help moving heavy items)

      • Haul-away services (to storage unit, donation center, landfill or any combination thereof!)

      • POD or U-Haul temporary storage rental

Back to school

Tired of getting emails from your child’s teacher about late homework or having to rush to school to deliver forgotten gym shoes? It may be time to book a Back to School organizing package.

  • With over a decade of experience working with some of the top independent schools in the country, I can work with you and your child to establish routines and procedures for academic success.

  • Through one-on-one problem solving sessions, I can help your child implement organizational and time management strategies to help with homework, study skills, long-term projects and how to balance extracurricular activities.

    • Four Half-Hour Sessions: $100

    • Four One-Hour Sessions: $200


The Process

Once we have figured out the best option for you, we will schedule your first organizing session. At the start of each session we will discuss the vision you have for the space and set goals for our time together. This is your journey and your home: you must be in the driver’s seat. We’re kind of like Siri, letting you know to “turn left here!”

Letting Go

Most people who book with us are ready to make changes in their homes, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a difficult process. The decision about what to keep or get rid of is personal and entirely up to you.

You will never be forced to get rid of something if you aren’t ready.

Many clients find that they are ready to re-home certain items. At the end of each session, you will have the option to have us drop off donations to the charity of your choice and mail the tax receipt back to you for your records.


Kick-Start the Moving Process

There’s a reason “move” is a four-letter word. However, at Seaside Styling & Organizing we see a move as a great opportunity for a fresh start. Many people hire movers to pack up all their things only to unpack them later and wonder, why in the world did we move this?

Scheduling several organizing sessions before your big move will help ensure the items in your new home are ones you actually want to find a place for. Contact us for a custom quote and let’s re-define that four-letter word.

Having you come for my session was absolutely wonderful and so so helpful! You truly have a gift and I love your vision for remaking the room and making it so functional. The follow-up notes are wonderful and so useful for keeping me clear on the task at hand. I’m so excited to complete the room. My husband loves the differences he sees already with your help.
— Lara, In-Home Consultation Testimonial