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Meet the Owner

Lydia Fields

Interior Stylist & Home Organizer

Growing up, I was blissfully unaware that my penchant for creating order within the spaces around me was a bit unusual. While other kids were at sleepovers playing Truth or Dare and gossiping about their crushes, I was organizing my best friend’s sock drawer.

When asked to pet sit in high school, the family came home to a completely re-organized linen closet. My first conversation with my college roommate was not about getting to know this stranger with whom I would be living for the next nine months: it was about coordinating our color scheme (I won’t tell you what we decided on, I’d lose all credibility— Let’s just say there was a lot of purple. And leopard print.)

To this day, it is a regular occurrence for my husband to walk into a room and find me staring at a shelf and moving objects half an inch to the right or left because something seems off.

Five years ago, I extended this unique skill set beyond the walls of my own home and began helping others in theirs on weekends and during school breaks (one of the perks of being a teacher!). I soon realized that this work, in many ways, overlapped with my teaching philosophy: create sustainable and effective systems and routines (everything has a place!), provide words of encouragement, and stand side-by-side to face challenges.

Thus, this past spring when I announced I was leaving the classroom after thirteen years as a middle school humanities teacher (still organizing drawers while those around me gossip about boys...) to pursue this work full-time, none of my loved ones were a bit surprised.

Throughout my life I watched family members struggle under the physical and emotional weight of the “stuff” in their lives--one of them was even featured on a popular cable series about hoarding several years back. Needless to say, helping people eliminate excess and make room for the items they truly love and want in their homes is an important part of the work I do.

Over the past ten years, my husband and I moved six times. I did the math and that’s an average of once every 1.6 years (I lived it and it still seems crazy!) With each less-than-polished rental space, I faced the challenge of turning the bare, white walls into a welcoming home. I also learned to work home decor magic within a tight budget by primarily using what I already owned, a principle that guides my work at Seaside Styling & Organizing.

Having packed up and set up new homes so many times, I developed helpful strategies to purge and sort items, focusing on those that serve a useful purpose or make you smile.

Now that my husband and I have finally put down roots (no more bare white walls- yay!), I am ready to help make your home dreams a reality.

Whether that means having a perfectly organized sock drawer or finally facing that room you’ve been avoiding, Seaside Styling & Organizing is here to help you with your home projects, big & small. Together we can create the peaceful, happy home you crave.

You helped me so much. I’ve been really trying to get rid of stuff and by that I mean: in with something, out with something- you taught me that! You have the eye and patience needed to help people get the peaceful homes they crave.
— Laura, client testimonial